Mobile Games: Repealing the Global Remuneration of Game Development Industry in 2022-23

Mobile Game App Development has proven to be one of the gaming industry's fastest expanding segments. From the original Snake game on our phones to the highly modern Poker game, Pokemon Go, and many more, the mobile gaming business has grown over the last few decades. Technological advancements and increasing digitization have aided the entire expansion of the Online Game Development business. The mobile gaming business generated $70 billion in revenue in 2019 and this figure is expected to rise to $80 billion by 2021. Furthermore, the global pandemic crisis has resulted in a global lockdown, which has increased people's interest in mobile gaming.

Statistical Analysis of Mobile Game Market Revenues

  • The $65 billion mobile gaming sector has effectively become one of the most popular industries.
  • Because of the increasing potential for mobile game creation in many parts of the world, most console and PC games are releasing mobile versions to boost their income.
  • Launching new games, expanding game genres, and improving game production technology have all contributed to the strategic expansion of mobile games.
  • With a 70 billion dollar increase in sales over the last ten years, mobile gaming has proven to be the fastest-growing business in terms of revenue.

Popular Mobile Game Genres

Take a look at the most popular mobile game genres to get a sense of the market and the audience's interest:

Casino Games

Online casino games are the virtual equivalents of land-based casino games. Players can play their favorite casino games in real-time and with amazing graphics on their cellphones. The casino games are based on several randomly generated results and include a variety of popular games such as Poker, Slot, Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Bingo, and others. In comparison to other games on the Playstore, casino games have the most installs. These games are available as white-label or ready-made solutions as well as bespoke solutions, allowing operators to select the best solution for their needs.

Card Games

Card games have their roots in traditional origin and are played through a deck of cards thus are termed card games. Many popular games including Hold’em Poker, Teen Patti, Poker, Rummy, etc fall in the category of card games. Just like casino games, card games have also gained popularity at different rates around the globe including in Qatar, UAE, USA, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Egypt, etc.

Puzzle Game

Puzzle games are ones that rely on the players' problem-solving abilities. Because players only have so much time to try and solve puzzles, players with good problem-solving skills can easily and rapidly dominate puzzle games. Trial and error, tile-matching, hidden object games, and many others are examples of popular games in this category.

Sport Game

Sports games are those that reproduce a realistic gaming experience similar to sports such as basketball, soccer, football, baseball, tennis, rugby, and many others.

Casual Games

Casual games are those with simple rules and instructions that are only intended for entertainment. This category encompasses a wide range of gaming genres, including trivia, adventures, strategy, arcade, word, and action games. These games appeal to a wide range of age groups, and as a result, they are extremely popular around the world.

Games for Hypercasuals

Hypercasual games are simple to play but engaging games with a shorter playtime than casual games. These are simple games with simple rules that are popular among people of all ages worldwide for stress relief. These games are built on achieving objectives and crossing many levels, keeping players involved for longer periods of time.

The Mobile Gaming Industry's Challenges

Despite the fact that advertising that appears in between mobile games is profitable, accounting for only approximately 53% of total income, has an impact on users' gaming experience. People prefer to play games with no commercials the majority of the time, while games with more adverts have a negative influence on user retention. Only 5% of gamers throughout the world make in-app purchases while playing games, indicating that while adverts appear to be profitable for businesses, they do not appear to be interesting for players.

Mobile Game App Development Services is a very dynamic sector with continuously changing trends, and it is growing quickly, with revenues expected to increase by billions in the years 2021 and 2025. In this rapidly expanding sector, it is tough for businesses to thrive with constant game development solutions since they must stay current with trends and continue to involve and create new versions of games in order to stand out in a crowded market.

Hot Topics in the Mobile Gaming Industry

Because we need to stay on top of the latest developments in the Game development Services, some of the most popular ideas, according to current research: -

  • As visual technologies improve, the battle between smartphones and gaming consoles has become more intense.
  • Gamers want gaming experiences that are available on both the desktop and mobile platforms using the same applications.
  • 3D touch appeals to gamers because it gives a more realistic gaming experience.
  • Expansion packs with exciting weaponry, power boosters, and other features motivate gamers to advance to higher gaming levels.
  • Use of virtual reality & augmented reality in games
  • All audiences of geographies & various ages have distinct demands, thus we must stay current on their needs.

Popular Online Game Development Tools for Mobile

Cutting-edge and technically advanced game development tools, technologies, and engines are required for building innovative and high-quality games, which include:-

  • Unity
  • CryEngine
  • Amazon Lumberyard
  • Unreal Engine
  • HTML 5
  • SpriteKit
  • BuildBox
  • Godot
  • GameMaker Studio, etc.

Must-Have Mobile Game Development Elements

Planning a mobile game entails more than simply coding; there are a number of other factors to consider:-

Interesting Storyline

Any game requires a highly compelling tale, so a realistic and intuitive storyline must be established for the games.

A well-planned strategy

A well-defined strategy or plan is required for the games, which includes costing calculations, launch dates, target audiences, targeted region, and other details.

Tools for Advanced Game Development

By understanding advanced game creation tools like Unity, HTML 5, and others, you may create unequaled gaming solutions.

The animation & graphics are outstanding.

Online Game Development with engaging and attractive animations and graphics improves game engagement.

Audio and visuals that are relevant

Interesting mobile games must include sounds & pictures that are relevant to the storylines.

Appealing Game Assets

For attracting consumers, many attractive game materials such as weaponry, gaming elements, backgrounds, effects, and so on must be available.

Gameplay Environment

AR and VR integration in games adds interaction to the gaming experience and increases user engagement.

Business Models for Outstanding Market Growth in Mobile Games

Mobile game app development is a fairly affordable choice because of its simple gameplay and a number of game technologies like Unity. Certain revenue sources are targeted by mobile game app development companies depending on the game type:-


It's a revenue model that's been around since the dawn of console and PC gaming. It refers to the acquisition of games through the payment of a specific sum of money. Paid games account for 8% of the game development industry's total revenue. Paid games are sometimes known as premium games because they need money in exchange for ownership.

In-App Advertising

The premium model was not very successful, thus a freemium model was developed, which offers free gameplay with advertising running in between. In-game advertising, which is chosen by 53% of the industry, is one of the most common monetization methods. Maximizing the number of players means more people are seeing the in-app commercials, which equals more money.

In-App Purchases

In-app purchases refer to allowing players to buy additional digital objects or gaming add-ons from a pre-existing store within the game, allowing them to enjoy the game more simply and profitably. In the mobile game business, this monetization technique accounts for 48% of total income.

The Method of Bringing a Mobile Game Idea to Life

  • Conduct thorough research on the mobile games you require.
  • Plan out the entire procedure by creating a solid game storyline.
  • Investigation into the costs of development
  • Look for a reputable game production firm.
  • Prepare a monetization plan.
  • Improvements to your marketing techniques.
  • Make contact with a reputable mobile game publisher.

How Do You Choose a Trustworthy Mobile Game App Development Company?

Here are some of the most important factors to consider when selecting a mobile game development company for your organization:-

Reputation and Experience

Reputation and Experience The reputation and experience of the game production firm, as well as its work history, are the most important criteria. Client testimonies and reviews of their previous work should be checked. For reliability and dependability, game development companies with more than 5 years of expertise should be considered.

Game Development Portfolio

Any game development firm must have a solid and promising portfolio, so you should always look at their portfolio to get an idea of the types of projects they have completed in the past.

Discussion Availability

Professionals should be available at all times to discuss various stages of projects and to verify that requirements and execution are on the same page.

Aspects of Deadlines

Aspects of Deadlines To avoid delays in the launch of the games, the company should meet all deadlines, and its staff should always stick to the allocated timescales for deliveries.

Knowledge of Industry Trends

The team must have a solid awareness of current trends in the mobile game development market, and they must create solutions and services that are in line with those trends.


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