How To Build a Fantasy Cricket App Like BalleBaazi?


Fantasy Cricket App Development is one of the fastest-growing industries. The popularity of the fantasy sports industry in the markets is so high that and is expected to be worth $48.6 billion by 2027. The growth varies widely by region. India is considered the most promising fantasy sports industry, with annual revenue growth increasing thrice. India is a cricket-maniac nation; people of all ages watch the sport with fervour and dedication because they follow cricket passionately and religiously. Many White Label Fantasy cricket apps have appeared on the market recently because of the love of cricket in the nation.

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Growing Fantasy Sports Market in India

With over 13 crore viewers, India has the largest fantasy sports user base compared to other countries. With an exponential CAGR of 32% over the time frame expected, this industry is expected to keep growing further. The most popular sport on the fantasy sports platform is cricket. The growing popularity of fantasy sports is also growing in India. For developing white Label Fantasy Sports Software like BalleBaazi, more and more entrepreneurs are collaborating with Indian Fantasy Sports App Developers. Launching your own Fantasy Sports App Development for IPL 2023 is a great idea because the Indian Fantasy Cricket app development services market is booming like ever.

What is BalleBaazi?

BalleBaazi is one of the most popular fantasy cricket software in India. The app is primarily for fans of cricket. Most users agree that BalleBaazi is one of the top fantasy cricket applications available to Indian users. Users of BalleBaazi can choose among a variety of fantasy sports, including cricket, kabaddi, football, basketball, Etc. You can play the game with friends, family, and anonymous users. One of the user-friendly programs, BalleBaazi, does not have many functions on one page. BalleBaazi has already distributed almost Rs. 400 crore to its users, and this figure continues to grow rapidly. 

Features of a Mobile App Like BalleBaazi?

The features of fantasy sports app solutions like BalleBaazi make them unique and in-demand fantasy game platforms. The best user experience can be achieved by developing these features with the audience’s preferences in mind. Fantasy Sports App Solutions like BalleBaazi, Some of the core features are: 

For Admin:

  • Admin Login
  • Fantasy points control
  • Manage points and results
  • Transaction management
  • Notification control
  • Players and leagues management
  • Manage the list of users and transaction history

For Users:

  • View player statistics
  • Create team page
  • My winnings/ Rewards
  • Registration/Login
  • Profile setting
  • My winnings/ Rewards
  • Create and Join tournaments
  • Select tours

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Additional Features for Being Sure:


Android, iOS, and Windows are the three main mobile operating systems. It should be compatible with all these operating systems to get the most out of your Application. To avoid disappointment when selecting a company, ensure it offers cross-platform Fantasy Cricket Software & App Development for Android and iOS. 


One of the most prevalent concerns among modern businesses is internet security. Applications that store sensitive and private data, such as credit and debit card information, should have strong safety features. 

Search Options

Although it may seem like a general term, most applications lack this essential component. While it won’t work as well for games-based applications, having the ability to search the Application or the internet is important. 

Bright, Bold Colour Combinations

Common features like attention-grabbing colour combinations make your Application appealing and attract more users. You may create an appealing application interface by paying close attention to the complementary colour on the colour wheel.


The common thing is that user interfaces for applications should be simple to use and effective. Users will pick simple applications if they think yours is too complicated. 


In today’s fast-paced world, nobody has time to waste waiting for an application to load. The speed at which your application loads is another important aspect your mobile game developer should pay attention to.

Good Image Quality

Your Application’s screen resolution should be high since it encourages user interaction. You must ensure that the detail users see on the screen is appropriate.

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Cost to Develop a White Label Fantasy Sports App like Like BalleBaazi

The cost of developing a fantasy sports app can vary depending on several factors and the features you want to offer. Additionally, the following four elements—which are selected by a top mobile app development company Insta Gamio—determine the cost needed for developing a fantasy sports app solutions: 

  • Progressive Application with rich API integration
  • The Complexity of the Application 
  • Type of App Platform 
  • Application Design

You need to connect with a professional Mobile Game Development Company to get an accurate idea of fantasy cricket app development cost. 

Why Should You Team up with Insta Gamio for Fantasy Sports App Development?

  • Highly experienced in developing portable iOS/Android apps
  • Rich experience in building versatile sports websites and applications.
  • Master meeting to talk about highlights and major improvements
  • Make your fantasy sports app a reality at a reasonable cost.
  • Coding according to Google Play and App Store guidelines
  • Effective Testing Procedure

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Final Words

When developing a fantasy sports mobile app like BalleBazzi has taken inspiration from startups, while building fantasy sports mobile app, the Fantasy Sports App Developers should consider all of a user’s preferences. A thoughtful balancing of user preferences in the Application’s user interface can draw a sizable audience. Are you looking for assistance? Connect with Insta Gamio, a leading Mobile Game Development Company in India that provides the best-performing Fantasy cricket app development solutions to expand your sports fantasy business. 

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