Which 5 Sports Will Rule the Future of Global Fantasy Gaming?


It’s anticipated that the market value for fantasy sports will display an impressive CAGR of nearly 13% from 2022 to 2027. If we look at the most loved sports across the world, we’d find Soccer/Football, Baseball, Cricket, Tennis, and Basketball all in the top ranks. Given the incredible global appeal of these sports in real life, they’re certainly likely to dominate the world of fantasy gaming too. One can only imagine the amazing response that fantasy sports software based on these widely loved sports will receive.

Let’s see how these real-world favorite sports will emerge as top choices for fantasy app development in the coming times.

  • Baseball

Fantasy baseball has a long, rich history behind it. Over time, it has evolved to consist of various styles and formats. From leagues to contests, there are different ways for baseball fans to participate.

Fantasy baseball does an excellent job of keeping fans engaged for a long period. A season for one of the most popular baseball leagues, Major League Baseball, typically lasts for over 6 months. Not to mention, there are postseason games as well. The long league season, with so many games, ensures fans are constantly engaged and entertained. Those who’re truly enthusiastic about the sport can appreciate the fact that there are plenty of real-life games to play along with, so they have a lot of time to perfect their strategies and win more.

Playing fantasy baseball is for those who’re ready to put substantial time and effort into studying and analyzing a lot of statistics. The motivation to play could be monetary rewards or pure love for the sport. Regardless, fantasy baseball is assured to offer absolute fun, which is why it’ll continue to be a popular and exciting fantasy gaming option.

  • Soccer

With billions of people around the world following the sport, the popularity of soccer knows no bounds. The worldwide appeal of soccer is a good reason why businesses can choose it for their white label fantasy sports app development. If you have an awesome fantasy soccer app, you can aim to develop a global user base for your app with time.

Through fantasy soccer apps, fans can get the experience of managing and controlling a team. From competing to socializing with other players, these apps allow fans to thoroughly enjoy the spirit of the game. Moreover, soccer is played round the year, which gives fans the chance to stay actively participated all year and businesses the opportunity to ensure that there’s never a dull moment on their fantasy gaming application.

If you’re aiming big and wanting to target a global audience, then soccer is just the right sport for your fantasy gaming app.

  • Basketball

Fantasy basketball may have been somewhat behind fantasy soccer in popularity so far, but it’s anticipated to gain more traction in the future. NBA league is well-renowned within North America, which explains the presence of several NBA fantasy applications. As the interest in basketball rises in other regions of the world too and more people get familiar with the nuances of the game, NBA fantasy gaming will rise in worldwide popularity. Hence, fantasy basketball app development is worth investing in.

Participating in fantasy basketball offers quite a thrilling experience, just like other fantasy sports. Players can build and manage their desired teams, taking several important decisions along the process. Since there are typically 82 NBA games per team per season, NBA fantasy gaming offers plenty of scope for players to experiment and get better. Fantasy basketball requires fantasy players to apply their game knowledge together with extensive research and an analytical approach, making it all the more fun.

  • Cricket

Extremely popular in countries like India, the UK, Pakistan, Australia, and many more, Cricket has a vast, loyal fan following to its credit, which is a key reason why fantasy cricket has risen so much in popularity. With so many cricket tournaments based on different formats happening throughout the year, from ICC T20 World Cup to the Indian Premier League, there are many user engagement opportunities in fantasy cricket.

Since so many cricket fans closely follow the game and have developed a significant understanding of the game over time, it’s exciting for them to utilize all that knowledge for fantasy cricket. As they build their fantasy team, they need to evaluate each player before including them to ensure that they have a well-rounded team.

With a white label fantasy cricket app, you can cater to the incredible passion that billions of people around the world have for cricket. It’s a superb way for the fans to channel their sentiments as well as know-how for the sport.

  • Tennis

When it comes to non-team sports, Tennis takes the cake in popularity. Apart from the prestigious Grand Slam tournaments, there are others too that can be incorporated within the app. Because these tournaments are so avidly followed globally, you’re likely to find many users who want to partake in the fervor via fantasy tennis.

You can offer different playing patterns, for instance, daily, seasonal, or round. Like other fantasy sports, tennis also demands users to possess in-depth knowledge about how the game works so that they can take effective calls regarding player selection and other analyses.

Going for fantasy tennis app development is a sound investment. You can discuss with your custom fantasy sports software development company about including different attractive features like rewards for referrals, latest tournament news, player data, analytics in real-time, private tournaments, etc.


From those who take sports very seriously to those just looking for casual entertainment, fantasy gaming is for everyone. Growing consistently, the sector is ready to see more great applications come into the picture.

Now that you have a good idea about the popular sports options for fantasy sports software development, how about you start building an app based on one or more of these options? Insta Gamio offers white label fantasy sports software development services with all the necessary industry experience and development expertise to help you launch a highly innovative application in the market based on any sport of your choice.

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