Top 10 Ludo Game Development Companies 2023-24


Ludo is the most popular and widely played board game. In the past, this kind of board game was played on a board with dice, but thanks to the digital revolution and advancements in technology, the younger generation may now play it online on their smartphones. The board game has become a worldwide hit as players from all over the world go online to try their hands on it and earn the title of King of Ludo by defeating other players. Ludo is becoming more and more popular online, and new players are joining who are looking for Ludo apps to pass the time. A player must download and install the real money ludo game app on their cellphones in order to play the game. 

This online ludo game development can be attributed to the game’s accessibility and multi-player functionality, which make it the most popular online board game among other online gamers. Due to the existence and widespread acclaim of the game, the Ludo Game App Development industry is currently at its pinnacle.

What Draws People’s Attention Toward the Ludo Game?

  • Multiplayer Ludo games can be played anywhere in the world. Gamers can play the game against other players from all over the world in the global mode.
  • This game also has a private option that enables users to play it with their loved ones.
  • The game can also be played on a computer, however, in that case, participants must play against a computer-controlled opponent.
  • The local mode game can be played by two players on a single screen.
  • Availability of Practice Mode.

Market Scenario of Ludo Game Development Services

The popularity of games like Ludo King, Candy Crush, Rummy Circle, and others shows that the gaming industry is booming right now. The best business move an entrepreneur can make right now is to invest in Mobile Game Development Services. A simple yet entertaining game has a good chance of taking the lead. People can play the game whenever they want and anyplace they want because it is available digitally. By including social aspects, Ludo Game Development Company may produce an enjoyable game. Due to the market’s popularity of ludo gaming applications, startups and investors are currently making 30 to 40% of their profits. The Ludo app is currently accessible on all platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, and Apple. Ludo game makers are spending time on cutting-edge technology like virtual reality and artificial intelligence in order to advance this game, which will contribute to the industry’s explosive expansion.

Features that are Essential for Ludo Game App Development

Readymade Ludo Game development services produce a unique Ludo game that stands out from rivals on the market in terms of functionality and design. Although some elements turn a routine game into a successful game of ludo, these features are necessary for the game.

The following is a list of the factors and functions that the admin panel and user’s panel must have.

Features of Admin Panel

Features that make it easier for the app manager to manage the platform and users are crucial. Consider how many admin panel functions there are.


With the help of these tools, the platform’s administrator may control all of the platform’s features from a single interface.

Users Management and Reports

The administrator is responsible for managing all users and their interactions with the program.


Timely, all-user general notifications can encourage users to return to their apps and raise engagement and retention rates.

Payment Administration

Since many players desire to enhance their in-game currency and achievements, this function aids the administrator in keeping track of the transactions.

Manage Sub-Admins

Games with high player counts need additional admins, and the app manager has to be able to connect with them.

Accomplishments and Rewards Points

Achievements provide players with more incentive to keep playing.

Revenue Management and Statistics

After controlling every aspect of the game, the administrator should be able to assess the overall success and revenue from the app.

Features of Users Panel

The user’s side functionality determines the engagement and repetition rate after admin panel features. Let’s list the features a ludo game for users should not be without.

Sign Up and Log In 

Users must set up their accounts with the necessary profile information.

Play Games in Several Game Modes 

The ability to play in local mode with a group is one benefit of digital games over physical ones. Through computer or online play, they can even participate alone.

Referrals and Social Media Links

This function enables players to interact with one another through the app and builds an auto-marketing panel for the game.

In-App Wallet 

Some users might desire to enhance their gameplay and buy some in-game currency; this feature enables in-app wallet transactions.

Chat Features 

It’s preferable to invite friends or play with anyone from the game’s community when users can communicate with one another. Chat features allow for dialogues, which leads to higher engagement.

Collection of Coins and Achievements 

In a library, players can store and manage the coins they have won as well as their other in-game accomplishments.

Section for Feedback and Complaints 

Through this feature, administrators can report any problems or responses to how the platform is used or performing.

As you can see, the ludo game’s growth and popularity are reaching the pinnacle of the gaming industry. As a result, investors and young entrepreneurs are considering this Ludo Game App Development as a potential business venture. 

The top ten Ludo Game App Development Companies are listed below. These companies consistently perform well when creating real money ludo game apps.

1. Insta Gamio

The top Mobile Game Development Company Insta Gamio is one of the best  Ludo Game Development Services providers they have a team of skilled ludo game developers who can create top-notch readymade ludo games. They provide cutting-edge Game Development Services and incorporate the most recent technologies. They can create engaging features to satisfy their users because they are a top creator of ludo games like ludo king. Their company works with knowledgeable and talented developers who can create engaging features that offer top-notch gaming experiences.

2. Aaryavarta Technologies

Leading board game developer Aaryavarta is based in India and specializes in games with tactical and strategic elements. Aaryavarta is the nation’s current leader in ludo game design. The company designed and created a number of games using licenses from reputable sources while also optimizing the game’s difficulty. Their Ludo games are created to be enjoyable and to have the ability to appeal to users. Aaryavarta has a wealth of experience creating board games for the iOS and Android operating systems. Their gaming website and application are in accordance with the customer’s preferred web portal or application.

3. Appinop

Appinop adapts to the most likely technology advancements and interaction patterns in order to give you the greatest online gaming options targeted to today’s audience. They have the best understanding of gaming tools and technology, on which they build the best processing and rendering capabilities in search of fluid performances. In the course of time, they have created a variety of board, card, and arcade games, each featuring premium product themes, graphic components, motion features, and operational environments supported by state-of-the-art online multiplayer gaming capabilities.

4. Auxano Global Services

Auxano Global Services is one of the leading firms that produce Ludo games. They can develop graphically impressive, user-friendly, and realistic ludo games supported by dozens of intricate features in order to provide ludo aficionados from all over the world with the greatest ludo game experience. With its headquarters in India, AGS is currently taking on challenging Native and Cross-Platform app development projects in addition to projects for adaptive mobile app development.

5. BR Softech

BR Softech is among the leading developers of mobile games. From the development of the applications to their support and upkeep, they handle everything. Additionally, they provide a PHP script for the Ludo game, saving you the effort and extra money associated with developing an app from scratch. They also have the option to hire a Ludo game developer for a more tailored experience.

6. Entrant Technologies

Entrant is the Ludo Game Development Company, which mission is to offer you mobile game development services that expertly address all of your wants and demands. Games with lots of features that guarantee to bring back childhood memories are produced by a team of qualified developers with years of experience. The competitor employs cutting-edge technology to develop a game that works on a variety of platforms, including desktop, Android, iOS, and others, allowing several players to play the game without any assistance.

7. MobzWay

India’s well-known Ludo game app development company Mobzway provides you with the best personalized Ludo game solutions that satisfy your business needs from Mobzway, With HTML 5, their skilled team of engineers and designers creates the most captivating Ludo games for Android, iOS, and Web, and Desktop to guarantee full responsiveness on different screen sizes.

8. Artoon Solutions

Artoon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has earned a reputation as the top Ludo game development company in both India and the USA. The developers of the Artoon Ludo game app have created excellent games for users all over the world. With their extensive knowledge and ability, they served, produced, and offered top-notch mobile gaming apps, making them the industry’s most trusted Game Development Services provider.

9. INORU Technologies

Inoru, a well-known creator of mobile and web games, has a wealth of experience in producing high-quality goods at competitive pricing. Their Ludo Game allows you to benefit from the game’s recent resurgence and is jam-packed with the most cutting-edge features. Working with INORU will enable you to acquire a modern rendition of the classic Ludo Game.

10. Mobiweb Technology

Mobiweb Technologies, one of the leading developers of Ludo game applications, is famous for creating beautifully designed and feature-rich Ludo game apps. A dedicated team of Ludo game developers is hard at work developing a beautiful and user-friendly Ludo application that will appeal to a large global audience. Because the company works with the best and most experienced developers in India, they are able to provide their clients, both domestic and international, unmatched mobile applications.


With the game’s development, Ludo is in a strong position to profit greatly. In addition, the popular ludo games Ludo King, Ludo Champion, Ludo Master, and Ludo Superstar have amassed millions of downloads to date. The popularity of this board game is also totally attributable to the Excellent UI and UX. Today, only a limited few companies are able to offer products with all the necessary features and specifications. Insta Gamio is one of the reputable Fantasy Sports Software Development firms that aid clients in creating unique, highly profitable, and out-of-the-box games at a reasonable price.

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