Why Fantasy Sports is Getting Popular Among Youth in India?


India has become a popular destination for fantasy sports thanks to the extensive use of smartphones and the internet, both of which are considered to helping to boost the popularity of sports nationwide. Young millennials often have a gaming attitude, and fantasy sports games have been popular among sports fans in recent years. Sports have become more involved thanks to Fantasy Sports App Development Services, which have also changed fans’ interests from passive to active.

The gaming sector in India has grown during the last two years. India has 365 million gamers in 2020, and Statista estimated that number to increase to 510 million by the end of 2022. These numbers make it clear how beneficial the last two years have been for the gaming industry in India. A significant section of our sizable population turned to fantasy games in this trend gaming industry. Even though fantasy sports platforms provide all sports, including hockey, kabaddi, and football, young people are more interested in cricket. Given that Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, Saurav, and Virat Kohli, among others, are idolized by youngsters in India, cricket has become both a religion and a cultural norm.

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What are Fantasy Sports?

A fantasy sport is a type of game that is played online in which players put together fictional or virtual teams made up of stand-ins for actual professional sportsmen. Based on their players’ statistical performance in actual games, these gamers have been qualified. The leader of each fantasy club selects a roster from which the performance is converted into points, which are then added up and totaled. These point systems can be simple enough for a “league manager” to calculate them while overseeing and managing the entire league, or they can be compiled and calculated by computers that track actual professional sports results. In fantasy sports, club owners draught, traded, and cut (drop) players like in real sports. Fantasy sports first appeared in traditional sports, such as cricket, and have recently entered esports. The Fantasy Cricket App Development Company provide young millennials with a practical and secure environment to indulge in their sport of choice. They are drawn to this virtual world of gaming because of the pleasure and excitement it provides as well as the possibility of having a genuine sporting experience.

Daily Fantasy Sports Software/Apps make it possible for sports and game aficionados to have a blast. To play fantasy cricket, they must draw on their understanding of the sport of cricket. Here, the field and weather conditions are all subject to the same rules as the actual game. Players need to conduct extensive research to learn about the match’s field conditions and select players who would be appropriate for those conditions. They must also pay great attention to sports news and player performances in real games. In fantasy cricket, picking your favorite cricketer is not important; instead, you want to pick players who are performing well right now.

Why are Fantasy Sports Getting Popular Among Youth?

  • A user has the chance to manage the team with the usage of the Fantasy sports app. One of the reasons for its appeal to young people is that they can finally realize their dream of running a sports team. 
  • By keeping up with news, statistics, data cues, and important information, a Fantasy sports user no longer observes a sport but instead becomes more invested in it. To build a more capable team and improve their chances of winning, they invest time in analyzing statistics, teams’ strengths and weaknesses, playing conditions, and several other real-life sports-related elements.
  • Each user experiences a rush and a sense of affirmation when their team’s performance receives more points which increases their passion for athletics. According to the study, Fantasy sports players watch sports 60% more than sports enthusiasts.
  • Users of fantasy sports continue to be interested in sports. These individuals join on social media to form groups on sites like Twitter, WhatsApp, etc., where they interact with one another in friendly banter about the teams they support, fostering a vibrant social environment centered around sports.
  • Fantasy Sports platforms’ digital nature makes it easy to develop multisport ecosystems, which might be useful in a nation with 130 crore people attempting to establish a national sports culture. A perfect ecology has been further developed for sports spectators to engage more with sports on the go thanks to high-speed, low-cost internet, increased smartphone penetration, and the broadcast of sports on OTT platforms. This has been the spark for the growth of the FS platform.
  • Popular cricket players are endorsing fantasy cricket Apps, which is motivating cricket fans to download the app and start playing. Popular cricketers like Yuvraj Singh, Sourav, and others are linked to several fantasy cricket websites. The fantasy cricket app development company is supporting IPL teams as well, which is helping to get the applications in front of the youth.
  • Youth are genuine sports lovers, especially cricket. Because of this, people can completely accept the idea of fantasy games. Younger folks pay more and more attention to fantasy cricket as a genuine form of entertainment since it allows them to pursue their interests and improve their playing abilities.
  • The enormous popularity of these games can be ascribed to the many advantages they offer. Fantasy games give players the chance to earn real money also to enjoyment, which is a welcome option in these unsettling times. Due to the growing popularity of gaming occupations worldwide, gamers may even turn their hobby into a full-time career.

Wrap Up-

When all the data is taken into consideration and the current situation is viewed, the future of the Fantasy sports industry appears to be very bright. Fantasy Sports have experienced unprecedented development and wide-spread appeal among Indian youngsters. In our country, fantasy sports are generating a positive feedback loop of sports investment. It encourages people to invest in Mobile Game Development Services. 

Fantasy Sport not only provides a closer connection to the sport, but it has also contributed to the sports business in other ways through sponsorships and grassroots projects. Fantasy Sport is building a value chain that starts with the continued and expanded growth of sports in the nation. Further, technological development will create a wide range of fresh opportunities and possibilities for the gaming industry, including the eSports industry. As a result, fantasy sports may grow even more well-known and widespread in the upcoming years.


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